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RDFa Primer

Consider Alice, a blogger who publishes a mix of professional and personal articles at We will construct markup examples to illustrate how Alice can use RDFa

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It’s been great to see RDFa being picked up by web2.0 publishers like Digg and MySpace. You can use the RDFa Distiller to extract the RDFa from a given web page

DC 2009 Séoul - WARIN

Page sur la conférence Dublin Core 2009, mais dans un wiki sémantique


Dublin Core Meta Toolkit

The Dublin Core Meta Toolkit gives DSpace administrators the ability to convert large amounts of information from their desktop database programs into DSpace compatible Dublin Core meta data. The toolkit provides a number of out-of-the-box database structures to ease data collection as well as enabling users to create custom converters for existing databases.


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