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May 2010

Une API pour reconnaitre les visages

(via) vient de sortir son API gratuite ! La fonctionnalité de cette API est unique dans son genre. Elle est en effet capable de reconnaitre automatiquement les visages présents sur une photo. Il est ainsi possible de proposer dans n’importe quel site ou application, un système pour tagger les personnes sur une photo, de reconnaitre les visages ou encore d’insérer ces visages dans d’autres photos.

Web Application Exploits and Defenses

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# Learn how hackers find security vulnerabilities! # Learn how hackers exploit web applications! # Learn how to stop them!

April 2010

A Curious Course on Coroutines and Concurrency

This tutorial is a practical exploration of using Python coroutines (extended generators) for solving problems in data processing, event handling, and concurrent programming. The material starts off with generators and builds to writing a complete multitasking environment that can run thousands of concurrent tasks without using threads or using code based on event-driven callbacks (i.e., the "reactor" model).

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The next-generation Web Editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox

XUL School Tutorial - MDC

a comprehensive extension development tutorial

March 2010

humble software development - Finance Financial Graphs

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HumbleFinance is an HTML5 data visualization tool written as a demonstration of interactive graphing in HTML5. It is similar to the Flash tool on The tool itself is written entirely in JavaScript, using the Prototype and Flotr libraries. It can be used to display any two 2-D data sets of real numerical data which share an axis.

SproutCore - What is SproutCore?

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SproutCore is an HTML5 application framework for building responsive, desktop-caliber apps in any modern web browser, without plugins.

iText, a F/OSS Java-PDF library: Product

iText is a library that allows you to generate PDF files on the fly.

python-twitter - Project Hosting on Google Code

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This library provides a pure python interface for the Twitter API.

Extend the Firebug Console with these 15 Extensions - Speckyboy Design Magazine

A great thing about Firebug is it gives you the option to add extra extensions and make it that even more indispensable, you can tailor it and mold it to your needs. I have listed fifteen of my favorites in this article.

February 2010

Facebook | XHP: A New Way to Write PHP

XHP is a PHP extension which augments the syntax of the language to both make your front-end code easier to understand and help you avoid cross-site scripting attacks.

Geany : About

Geany is a small and lightweight Integrated Development Environment. It was developed to provide a small and fast IDE, which has only a few dependencies from other packages.

January 2010

JavaScript GUI Framework - Ample SDK

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Ample SDK is a standard-based cross-browser JavaScript GUI Framework for building Rich Internet Applications. It employs XML technologies (such as XUL, SVG or HTML5) for UI layout, CSS for UI style and JavaScript for application logic. It equalizes browsers and brings technologies support to those missing any.

November 2009

Rapid application development using the Opera Unite Yusef library - Opera Developer Community

Yusef is a framework for Opera Unite applications that provides ready-made solutions to problems such as form validation, access control, UI templating, and more. A lot of functionality is available through Yusef itself, with even more features made available through Yusef plugins.

SHERPA/RoMEO Application Programmers' Interface

The SHERPA/RoMEO Application Programmers' Interface (API) is a machine-to-machine interface that lets programmers access SHERPA/RoMEO data from their applications. For instance, you could use the API to incorporate an automatic look-up of a journal or publisher into your repository's deposition process.

Portail Elixir - Toolkit de développement de jeux sur Freebox

Ce site regroupe les éléments nécessaires au développement de nouveaux jeux vidéo sur Freebox HD.

The Go Programming Language

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a systems programming language expressive, concurrent, garbage-collected

October 2009

LibX - browser plugin for Libraries

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LibX is a browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer that provides direct access to your library's resources. LibX is an open source framework from which editions for specific libraries can be built. Currently, 667 academic and public libraries have created public LibX editions.

openhandle - Project Hosting on Google Code

OpenHandle is an open-source community project to expose Handle Values in common text-based serializations to make the data stored within the records more accessible to Web applications. OpenHandle is not a replacement for the Handle System, but rather an alternate means to access Handle.


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pyglet provides an object-oriented programming interface for developing games and other visually-rich applications for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Wiki-OS is the only open-source web OS (online operating system) where anyone can contribute right away like a wiki. It lets you: * Launch applications without installation (in a secure sandbox) * Share applications by embedding them into web pages * Develop Silverlight and .NET applications right from the browser * Allow others to enhance and maintain your application, the wiki way.

Wolfram|Alpha Webservice API

The Wolfram|Alpha API gives you access to the Wolfram|Alpha platform at all levels—from individual results to complete Wolfram|Alpha output pages. The API operates as a high-performance REST-style webservice, with convenient bindings for all popular languages and platforms.