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March 2010

Shared folders : Folders - Google Docs Help

You can create shared folders if you'd like to share a group of related items.

January 2010

November 2009

October 2009

Le [wiki] d'Alice - Histoire

Le [wiki] d'Alice" est un projet collaboratif dont le but est de rassembler, en un lieu unique, le maximum d'informations disponibles sur les micro-ordinateurs Matra-Hachette des années 80. Vous vous souvenez ? L'une des plus extravagantes réalisations de l'industrie française, dans un joli petit boîtier rouge...

August 2009

Your World of Text

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Un tableau blanc partagé en temps réel

July 2009

Teambox | Project management and collaboration software

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A place for your team. Share messages, tasks and pages. Collaborate freely. For free.


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We make writing online work for groups. In just a few seconds, get your own account where you can upload documents, share with other people, chat, assign tasks, and track everybody's actions with a comprehensive history. | About helps academics answer the question 'Who's researching what?': * You can find people with similar research interests to you * You can keep track of the latest developments in your research area - the latest papers, talks, blog posts and status updates * You can create an easy-to-maintain academic webpage, listing your research interests and any papers you have written.

June 2009

Academic software for research papers | Mendeley

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Like EndNote, but social and free. Mendeley is a research management tool for desktop & web.

May 2009

pearltrees What's hot

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pearltrees is a free social service that let you create the living map of the web.

simple private real-time sharing and collaboration by

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Use to privately share your files and collaborate in real time by web, email, phone, mobile, and more. Create each drop in two clicks and share what you want, how you want, with whom you want. Check out our 'How To' video.

April 2009

Stack Overflow

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Stack Overflow is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers — regardless of platform or language. It's 100% free, no registration required.

March 2009

October 2008

Organisez vos soirées entre amis ! - Atomeet

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Atomeet est un service gratuit qui vous aide à organiser vos évènements et soirées entre amis ! Remplissez simplement le formulaire à droite pour créer la page de votre évènement et invitez tous vos amis !

August 2008

Chandler - Travail collaboratif - Logiciels Libres - Framasoft

Chandler Desktop est un organiseur personnel (agenda et gestion de tâches essentiellement) doublé d’un connecticiel (aka "Groupware"), respectant la philosophie GTD.

Groupe Utilisateur de Windows Vista - Blogs

Le GUWiV (Groupe Utilisateur de Windows Vista) est une association de loi 1901 dont l'objectif est de rassembler les utilisateurs et décideurs informatiques autour de la nouvelle version du système d'exploitation de Microsoft : Windows Vista.

June 2008

Wakoopa - Software gone social

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Wakoopa tracks what kind of software or games you use, and lets you create your own software profile. Ready for you to share with the world. Why? Because what you use on your desktop is who you are!

UNA - N-BRAIN, Inc. [n minds are better than n-1]

UNA is a collaborative development environment that enables multiple developers to work on the same piece of code — simultaneously and in real-time. Interacting through a chat interface, a virtual whiteboard, and collaborative notes, multiple developers work as a team to design and write software, achieving what none of them could achieve individually.

April 2008

A Recommender System for the DSpace Open Repository Platform

We present Quambo, a recommender system add-on for the DSpace open source repository platform. We explain how Quambo generates content recommendations based upon a user selected set of examples, our approach to presenting content recommendations to the user, and our experiences applying the system to a repository of technical reports. We consider how Quambo could be combined with the peer-federated DSpace add-on to extend the item-space from which recommendations can be generated; a larger item-space could improve the diversity of the set from which to make recommendations. We also consider how Quambo could be extended to add collaboration opportunities to DSpace.

obby - Trac

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Gobby is a free collaborative editor supporting multiple documents in one session and a multi-user chat. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other Unix-like platforms.