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Launch Your Own Twitter Bot (PHP, Python, Ruby) - Addicted To 1’s and 0’s

In this post I’ll provide you with all the tools, source code and know-how to be able to build and launch your own twitter bot, and i’ll even give you resources to do it in the programming language of your choice.

Patrocle, le bot parlant

Puisqu'Achille n'est plus tout à fait Achille, je l'ai rebaptisé Patrocle. Dans l'Illiade, Patrocle est le meilleur ami d'Achille. Et puis cela colle bien avec la filiation d'Achille puisque François Parmentier a aussi écrit un nouveau bot appelé Ector.


Autodesk® Face Robot® is a combined technology and service solution for rigging and animating 3D faces easily. It enables studios to create life-like facial animation at incredible speeds. Using Face Robot, animators are free to concentrate on emotion, expression and delivering unforgettable performances.

phenny - The Python IRC Bot

Phenny is a popular IRC bot written in Python.

Twuring - The Twitter Turing Test

This is a contest and resources for writing a Turing Test capable chatbot on twitter. The turing test means that the bot needs to be capable of being indistinguishable (or as near as) from a human being. So a spammy bot will get nowhere. If you can code in C#, perl, python, ruby or (insert favourite programming language of choice here) then come have a go at it!

Jeeney AI Artificially Intelligent Life Online

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Jeeney AI is a form of artificial intelligence, a chat bot that has been programmed to dissect the English language carefully in order to discern what is being said to her. The artificial intelligence utilizes bots and subroutines to constantly analyze the data gathered from each individual that has spoken to the chatterbot, because of this, Jeeney's learning process is dependant on several different factors like the amount of people she talks to and what they are interested in, how well they type etc. Unfortunately, unless the ammount of people talking to Jeeney escallates with her accumulating knowledge, the learning process slows down over time. To offeset this slow down, I'm encouraging everybody to tell their friends about Jeeney.


Chimrod Pyborg

PyBorg est un bot parlant écrit en python. Il s'agit d'un programme capable de se connecter sur IRC, qui enregistre les phrases et les structures qu'il peut lire, et se sert de ces données pour générer des réponses quand on lui parle. Il utilise le principe des chaînes de Markov pour générer les réponses. Malheureusement, le programme a aujourd'hui disparu du net ( on peut encore le trouver sur le wiki404[1]. J'ai repris ledéveloppement, et propose aujourd'hui une nouvelle version "enrichie".

Heaton Research

Welcome to Heaton Research, Inc. We are a technical book publishing company specializing in topics such as neural networks, bots, and computer hardware. All of our books have between 50-75% of their content posted online here. Additionally we also offer numerous articles on many of the same topics as our books.


pyborg - Accueil [Gna!]

PyBorg is a learning bot for IRC written in Python


New Robots.txt Syntax Checker: a validator for robots.txt files

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This robots.txt checker is a "validator" that analyzes the syntax of a robots.txt file to see if its format is valid as established by Robot Exclusion Standard (please read the documentation and the tutorial to learn the basics) or if it contains errors.

RobotJabberFR - JabberFR

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Projet de Robot multifonction pour la communauté JabberFR - Intelligence artificielle, internet et assistant personnel

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idée de bot jabber comme interface avec un compte de stockage de signets sur blogmarks...

Neutron homepage | ejabberd

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Neutron is a plugin-based Jabber bot written in Python that provides functionalities for individuals and chatrooms. To use it, you only need to create an account on a Jabber server, configure Neutron to log into that account and start it. Neutron will allow users to subscribe to its presence, enter into chatrooms and answer to commands.


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Un bot en Python (au moins un début).

Talk Maps

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Une carte Google Earth indiquant la position de divers utilisateurs de Google Talk.

biblebot Project Information - JabberStudio

JD Bible Bot is a Jabber bot client with which you can read the Bible and lots of related material. A Python-language frontend to diatheke/sword.


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Class.Jabber.PHP is an object oriented solution to make Jabber connectivity for your website, bot, or even IM client as simple as possible when using PHP. CJP gives you complete abstraction from Jabber/XMPP so that you don't have to worry about API to the server, and instead focus on the quality of the Jabber features that you are implimenting. One of the ultimate goals for CJP is to be included in the PEAR PHP library.


Free AIM Bots | IRC Bots | Lots-A-Bots

Lots-A-Bots™ is a service that allows you to create your very own artificially intelligent, instant messaging robot. We support AIM Bots, IRC Bots, Web Chat, and Flash Chat. Anybody can learn how to program a chatter bot with ease. We use proprietary technology to provide you with the fastest, most advanced, and powerful service.

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