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Une API pour reconnaitre les visages

(via) vient de sortir son API gratuite ! La fonctionnalité de cette API est unique dans son genre. Elle est en effet capable de reconnaitre automatiquement les visages présents sur une photo. Il est ainsi possible de proposer dans n’importe quel site ou application, un système pour tagger les personnes sur une photo, de reconnaitre les visages ou encore d’insérer ces visages dans d’autres photos.

python-twitter - Project Hosting on Google Code

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This library provides a pure python interface for the Twitter API.


SHERPA/RoMEO Application Programmers' Interface

The SHERPA/RoMEO Application Programmers' Interface (API) is a machine-to-machine interface that lets programmers access SHERPA/RoMEO data from their applications. For instance, you could use the API to incorporate an automatic look-up of a journal or publisher into your repository's deposition process.

Scopus API: Home

The Scopus Application Program Interface (API) enables you to search the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources. You can select Scopus data elements and create your own mashups. The API returns Scopus data in a format that is easily integrated into an application or your web site.

Wolfram|Alpha Webservice API

The Wolfram|Alpha API gives you access to the Wolfram|Alpha platform at all levels—from individual results to complete Wolfram|Alpha output pages. The API operates as a high-performance REST-style webservice, with convenient bindings for all popular languages and platforms.

4store - Scalable RDF storage

4store, an efficient, scalable and stable RDF database. Système de gestion de base de données RDF open source pour des grands volumes de données (annonce 15 milliards de triplets !!). Propose un sparql endpoint, une API REST pour ajouter ou enlever des données, un système de backup. Pas de précision sur la façon de supporter les graphes nommés. Pas de support de Jena ou Sesame.

uClassify | View Classifier

Classifies the language of a text by looking on about 4000 commonly used words per language. It works best with clean texts but can also be used for HTML pages. For reliable results HTML pages need more text content (since HTML often contains English words and comments).

Mozilla Labs Jetpack | Exploring new ways to extend and personalize the Web

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Jetpack is an API for allowing you to write Firefox add-ons using the web technologies you already know.

IP Location tools :: IP Location Tools

Free IP address geolocation, API and fraud detection tools - Webservice that tags your resources

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This is a simple webservice that helps you in tagging textual content on and off the web.

inkdroid » Blog Archive » APIs Suck

One thing that bubbled up at code4lib2009 last week was the notion that APIs Suck. Not that web2.0 APIs are wrong or bad…they’re actually great, especially when compared to a world where no machine access to the data existed before. The point is that sometimes just having access to the raw data in the ‘lowest level format’ is the ideal. Rather than service providers trying to guess what you are trying to do with their data, and absorbing the computational responsibility of delivering it, why not make the data readily available using a protocol like HTTP? Put the data in a directory, turn on Indexes, do some sensible caching, and maybe gzip compression and let people grab it, and robots to crawl it. Or maybe use something like Amazon Public Datasets. It seems like a relatively easy first step, that involves very little custom software development, and one with the ability make a huge impact. - for all your unAPI needs

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unAPI is a tiny HTTP API for the few basic operations necessary to copy discrete, identified content from any kind of web application.

Apache CouchDB: The CouchDB Project

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Apache CouchDB is a distributed, fault-tolerant and schema-free document-oriented database accessible via a RESTful HTTP/JSON API. Among other features, it provides robust, incremental replication with bi-directional conflict detection and resolution, and is queryable and indexable using a table-oriented view engine with JavaScript acting as the default view definition language.

Safe C String Library v1.0.3 (January 30, 2005)

The goal of the SafeStr library is to provide a rich string-handling library for C that has safe semantics yet interoperates with legacy library code in a straightforward manner. Additionally, porting code that uses standard C string handling should be straightforward. The library should work on all modern Unix-like platforms, as well as any 32-bit Microsoft Windows OS. The overt security goals of the library are as follows: 1. Buffer overflows should not be possible when using the API. 2. Format string problems should be impossible when using the API. 3. The API should be capable of tracking whether strings are "trusted", a la Perl's taint mode. The API is meant to provide rich functionality and be easy to use, all the while improving security.


Web Workers

This specification defines an API that allows Web application authors to spawn background workers running scripts in parallel to their main page. This allows for thread-like operation with message-passing as the coordination mechanism.

ProgrammableWeb - Mashups, APIs, and the Web as Platform

ProgrammableWeb gets you the latest on what's new and interesting with mashups, Web 2.0 APIs, and the Web as Platform. It's a directory, a news source, a reference guide, a community.

HoneyComb Fixed Content Storage at

The Honeycomb project will store and manage large amounts of fixed content - data that never changes over the course of its life (YouTube videos, x-rays, digital books, etc.)

Google AJAX Search API Blog: Speed up access to your favorite frameworks via the AJAX Libraries API

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The AJAX Libraries API is an attempt to make Web applications faster for developers in simple ways: * Developers won't have to worry about getting caching setup correctly, as we will do that for you * If another application uses the same library (much more likely), they there is a much better chance that it will be already caching on the users machine * The network and bandwidth of the users systems will not be taxed.

Spell Web Service

This page describes an embryonic Web Service called Spell. The purpose of the Service is to return alternative spellings to given words. Queries to the Service take the following form:

Scopus API: Home

The Scopus Application Program Interface (API) enables you to search the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources. You can select Scopus data elements and create your own mashups. The API returns Scopus data in a format that is easily integrated into an application or your web site.


OpenSocial - Google Code

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OpenSocial provides a common set of APIs for social applications across multiple websites. With standard JavaScript and HTML, developers can create apps that access a social network's friends and update feeds.