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Ai Research - Creating a new form of life - MyBot - Your Messenger Companion

MyBot is your personal virtual companion. It is a pattern-matching chatbot (software that can converse in natural language), capable of learning from you.


Free AIM Bots | IRC Bots | Lots-A-Bots

Lots-A-Bots™ is a service that allows you to create your very own artificially intelligent, instant messaging robot. We support AIM Bots, IRC Bots, Web Chat, and Flash Chat. Anybody can learn how to program a chatter bot with ease. We use proprietary technology to provide you with the fastest, most advanced, and powerful service.

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Meebo est un outil web de gestion de comptes de messagerie instantanée. Comme Trillian, mais en version web. Il permet de se logguer à AIM, Yahoo!Messenger, ICQ, MSN, Jabber et même GTalk, le module IM de Google. La mise en place de services de référence par messagerie instantanée n'est vraiment plus un problème technique.

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