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19 March 2007 11:00

Newsvine - Men and Women Over 50 Can Still Enjoy Sex

With the coming of Viagra, it became a one-sided benefit within the older generation to enjoy sex. Men can have erections through Viagra's help or other erectile dysfunction medications, but medically, is there such a thing for women who is menopausal and has decreased libido? The fear of hormone-replacement therapy causing cancer and cardiac problems drove older women away from trying these medications.

Newsvine - Better Female Orgasms - Increasing Libido and Female Orgasm Sensitivity

Sometimes women can suffer from a sexual dysfunction and they aren't able to enjoy a healthy sex life as they normally should. While some dysfunctions are more serious than others, many problems are not considered to be major and are easy to understand and even correct. Low female libido is a very common complaint amongst middle aged women, and is nothing to be concerned about. Sex drive is fueled by a number of hormones, and if these hormone levels fluctuate so do female emotions. Keeping these female libido hormones in check is the trick to maintaining a healthy sex drive. Some women can even suffer from decreased orgasm sensitivity, which can be very frustrating. Luckily, there are different techniques that can help, and even some cream products for this problem.

19 March 2007 07:00

Newsvine - Discover the Delicious, Gentle and Soothing Goji Berry

The Goji berry has traditionally been utilized to nurture the heart, strengthen the immune system, facilitate optimal liver function and treat insomnia. It also increases visual perspicacity and, as a traditional blood tonic, it has a proud heritage in the treatment of forgetfulness, lethargy and anxiety related to blood and chi deficiencies. Recently the subject of various scientific studies throughout the world, Goji berries have been found to be effective in increasing white blood cells and depressing the activity of cancer cells.

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