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June 2008

Enjoy A Sensual “Hot Stone” Massage!

Anyway, with today’s hectic lifestyles, we all need a good massage every now and then right? But what if we combine a hot stone massage and a sexual massage? Wouldn’t that be a relaxing, yet seductive way to pleasure your partner? Of course it would be!

April 2008

Oral Sex Tips

Oral sex on her or cunnilingus is one sure-fire way to bring your woman to an orgasm. This is because many women reach their climaxes better and faster thru clitoral stimulation than through intercourse.

March 2008

Try These Sex Games Tonight!

So are you having a difficult time having fun in your sex life? Choose any one of these sexy games and their aphrodisiac props, and tell me which one gives you the most laughter, the highest passion pull, and leads to the hottest sex!

February 2008

A Sexual Massage… in the Bathtub!

One of the ways a woman gives herself a relaxing treat is by soaking in a long, hot bath so you can take this opportunity to really give her a treat by preparing a bath for her. Of course, with other ‘extra treats’ as only you can provide.

January 2008

A Sexy Thong To Get Ready For Sex!

Wow, I´m so turned on after watching this gorgeous woman “play” with her 2 thongs… Remember, the most powerful tactic in bed is TEASING!

The Art of VOLUNTARY Cumming

I know you don’t need convincing that lasting longer in bed is a great idea. But please be aware that you can’t experience the kind of ecstatic wave you´ve always wanted if you rush headlong towards orgasm or try to hold yourself back. You have to learn to RELAX into intense pleasure in order to go higher and higher.

The Mystery Of Female Oral Sex!

Pleasuring your partner is an important part of a great sex life. You definitely know that, right? Well, one of the best ways to pleasure her is by giving her a little selfless attention – that means doing something hot to make her feel amazing even when you’re not getting anything back . . . at least not at that moment.

What Can A Woman Do To Increase Her Libido - Part One

is natural throughout life for a woman to experience changes in their libido. It can be like a rollercoaster ride. One minute your up and can get enough. The next minute you are down. There are many influences that can affect the libido of a woman. It can be anything from a change in lifestyle to a certain medicine that has been prescribed.

Lights… camera… action!

Today I´ll give you some tips to spend a VERY sensual evening with your partner.

December 2007

6 Sexy Tips For Christmas!

Write a sensual letter to “Santa” asking for the hottest sex toys and female lingerie (for her), and give it to your woman a night before Christmas.

The Magical World Of Tantric Sex

Create continuous full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms

Stimulate Her Sexual Center!

Let´s be honest: The key to seduction is to understand where feelings of lust, desire, and attraction originate in the woman’s brain.

7 Ways To Get Her Hot!

You want nothing more than to have your woman crying out your name in pleasure, right? The problem is you don’t know exactly how to get her to that point consistently. Well, let me give you seven pointers that are sure to make her want you inside her in the worst way – and once she’s at that point, you’re home free.

November 2007

enhance libido blog » Better Sex Through Naughty Toys

Unfortunately, lots of guys end up viewing their partners’ sex toys (or sex toys, in general) as a threat and they miss out on a golden opportunity to give their women some intense pleasure by combining two of her favorite things: you and her sex toy.

enhance libido blog » A Very Hot And Sensual Girl

This girl is so hot. (I love women… I can´t help it!)

Try Using Sex Furniture!

Have you thought about bringing sex to a new level but aren’t ready for toys?

Great Sex Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship

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For those couples that want to feel like newlyweds again, young and old, here are some sex tips to spice up your marriage.

enhance libido blog » Sex and Communication Secrets…

In my line of work, I hear people complain a great deal about their sex lives. Men, like yourself, come to me and ask how they can improve their performance in the bedroom. And I always ask the same question: How is your communication?

The G-Spot - “The Sacred Gate”…

In Tantric sex it´s called the G-Spot the Sacred Gate, partly because all of sex is sacred to a Tantrika (a Tantra adept) and partly because it truly is a doorway to profound love, deep emotional intimacy, and sexual ecstasy. The Sacred Gate contains the power to unleash hidden emotions, generate deep orgasms, and trigger ejaculation when aroused enough.

Foreplay – Steps to a Whole Day Affair…

Foreplay is not something to be rushed. In fact, the longer the suspense, the tighter the tension, the hotter the passion!

March 2007

Newsvine - Men and Women Over 50 Can Still Enjoy Sex

With the coming of Viagra, it became a one-sided benefit within the older generation to enjoy sex. Men can have erections through Viagra's help or other erectile dysfunction medications, but medically, is there such a thing for women who is menopausal and has decreased libido? The fear of hormone-replacement therapy causing cancer and cardiac problems drove older women away from trying these medications.

Newsvine - Better Female Orgasms - Increasing Libido and Female Orgasm Sensitivity

Sometimes women can suffer from a sexual dysfunction and they aren't able to enjoy a healthy sex life as they normally should. While some dysfunctions are more serious than others, many problems are not considered to be major and are easy to understand and even correct. Low female libido is a very common complaint amongst middle aged women, and is nothing to be concerned about. Sex drive is fueled by a number of hormones, and if these hormone levels fluctuate so do female emotions. Keeping these female libido hormones in check is the trick to maintaining a healthy sex drive. Some women can even suffer from decreased orgasm sensitivity, which can be very frustrating. Luckily, there are different techniques that can help, and even some cream products for this problem.

Newsvine - Discover the Delicious, Gentle and Soothing Goji Berry

The Goji berry has traditionally been utilized to nurture the heart, strengthen the immune system, facilitate optimal liver function and treat insomnia. It also increases visual perspicacity and, as a traditional blood tonic, it has a proud heritage in the treatment of forgetfulness, lethargy and anxiety related to blood and chi deficiencies. Recently the subject of various scientific studies throughout the world, Goji berries have been found to be effective in increasing white blood cells and depressing the activity of cancer cells.