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January 2008

The Art of VOLUNTARY Cumming

I know you don’t need convincing that lasting longer in bed is a great idea. But please be aware that you can’t experience the kind of ecstatic wave you´ve always wanted if you rush headlong towards orgasm or try to hold yourself back. You have to learn to RELAX into intense pleasure in order to go higher and higher.

enhance libido | Raise Consciousness To Enjoy Sex!

Raising consciousness is the heart and soul of Tantric Sex. So many people are swept through life looking at pictures in the mind instead of living with full awareness of each moment.

December 2007

Happy (and very sensual) new year!

It´s 2008… a year that will be LIFE-CHANGING for you.

November 2007

enhance libido blog » Better Sex Through Naughty Toys

Unfortunately, lots of guys end up viewing their partners’ sex toys (or sex toys, in general) as a threat and they miss out on a golden opportunity to give their women some intense pleasure by combining two of her favorite things: you and her sex toy.

enhance libido blog » A Very Hot And Sensual Girl

This girl is so hot. (I love women… I can´t help it!)

Using Handcuffs for Wild Sex!

Losing control over what is going on can be a huge turn-on for some people. When they are handcuffed, their partner gets complete control over their pleasure, and this can lead to some amazing results.

Try Using Sex Furniture!

Have you thought about bringing sex to a new level but aren’t ready for toys?

enhance libido blog

Libido, orgasm and relationship questions answered

enhance libido blog » Eye-Opening Facts About Libido Boosters

It’s difficult to say exactly what may be behind your lack of interest in sex and lack of sexual response.

enhance libido blog » Stimulate Her Sexual Center!

Let´s be honest: The key to seduction is to understand where feelings of lust, desire, and attraction originate in the woman’s brain.

enhance libido blog » Sex and Communication Secrets…

In my line of work, I hear people complain a great deal about their sex lives. Men, like yourself, come to me and ask how they can improve their performance in the bedroom. And I always ask the same question: How is your communication?

The G-Spot - “The Sacred Gate”…

In Tantric sex it´s called the G-Spot the Sacred Gate, partly because all of sex is sacred to a Tantrika (a Tantra adept) and partly because it truly is a doorway to profound love, deep emotional intimacy, and sexual ecstasy. The Sacred Gate contains the power to unleash hidden emotions, generate deep orgasms, and trigger ejaculation when aroused enough.

Foreplay – Steps to a Whole Day Affair…

Foreplay is not something to be rushed. In fact, the longer the suspense, the tighter the tension, the hotter the passion!

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