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Coquelicot — "one-click" file sharing with a focus on privacy

Coquelicot — /kɔ.kli.ko/ — is a “one-click” file sharing web application with a focus on protecting users’ privacy. Basic principle: users can upload a file to the server, in return they get a unique URL which can be shared with others in order to download the file. Coquelicot aims to protect, to some extent, users and system administrators from disclosure of the files exchanged from passive and not so active attackers.


Thoughts on Dropbox —

The seamless integration within the operating system is of paramount importance to the user that would otherwise be clueless to setting up their own S3 account and backing up manually. In the near future Dropbox will sell paid accounts for "richer sharing options and more storage" so you won't have to worry about 2GB not being enough. I probably do not represent Dropbox's target audience and my concerns are almost on the order of devil's advocate but here's what I'd like to see in the future:



Ridesharing for everyone. Zimride makes sharing rides for drivers and passengers fun and easy. Explore the map with your mouse to learn more, or get started above!

Developer-to-developer: application sharing for the iPhone simulator | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Last week, TUAW showed you how to sign iPhone applications for informal developer-to-developer distribution. That approach lets you share applications between members of the iPhone developer program by using your signing credentials to authorize the application for use on your development units.


SparkleShare - Sharing work made easy

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What is SparkleShare? SparkleShare is a syncing and collaboration tool that shines by its absence. it's designed to get out of your way, to make sharing documents and collaboration easier, and to make peers aware of what you are doing.

PhotoCopy 1.0 mirrors iPhoto folders to Flickr | MacNN

24x7digital has introduced PhotoCopy 1.0, its new iPhoto to Flickr mirroring utility. The user selects albums in iPhoto for sharing and PhotoCopy then uploads the photos to Flickr and organizes them in matching sets. It also copies metadata like tittles, date and time, ratings, keywords and descriptions. A primary feature of the new software is its ability to mirror the iPhoto folder on Flickr; when images are added to a PhotoCopied folder, the changes are updated automatically on the same folder on Flickr. It also works in reverse, adding images to iPhoto as the Flickr folder changes. It will mirror changes including adding, deleting reordering or editing photos.



Tour - ConceptShare

What Is ConceptShare? ConceptShare allows you to setup secure online workspaces for sharing designs, documents and video and invite others to review, comment and give contextual feedback anytime and anywhere without a meeting


Plate-forme d'échange et de validation de fichiers sécurisée pour les agences et les professionnels de la communication Lancez votre projet créatif en ligne, échangez, et validez vos fichiers avec

HotShare - Partagez vos vidéos, les photos, films, musique, et les fichiers Flash.

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Bienvenue à hot share! Vous pourvez téléchargez vos les fichiers ce que vous voulez!

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