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Alex Faaborg

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Welcome to my blog. I'm a Principal Designer on Firefox, helping to develop its interactive design, visual design, and overall vision. On this blog you can find information about many of the user facing features being developed for future versions of Firefox.

Accéder au gestionnaire de profil de Firefox sous Mac | Apple

cd /Applications/ ./firefox-bin -ProfileManager

Opening up conversation on browser interrogation tools with Browser Memory Tool Prototype on Dion Almaer's Blog

Do you sometimes feel like the browser is a black box? We are building richer and richer applications on the Web platform and this means that developers are running up against new issues to debug and test. We feel like it is a great time to develop new tools that afford you the ability to look into the runtime to hopefully help you find a bug, or allow you to keep your application as responsive as possible. Today we want to start a conversation about some of our thinking, with the hope that you will join in. We have been taking a hard look at the tools landscape, and here is a presentation that gives you an idea of our thinking:


OutWit Hub, your Web Collection Engine

online help is somewhat limited ... please be patient. We are still in the process of finalizing the product. We will document the features as soon as they are stabilized. We do need your help and your feedback to build the best platform we can. In the meantime, please have a look at our quic

Weave : Mozilla pousse les données personnelles en ligne - PC INpact

e descriptif de Weave sera encore plus simple : décaler vers le web tout ou partie des informations personnelles pour qu’elles soient toujours accessibles et/ou partageables.

kwout | Firefox add-on

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Firefox add-on is now available! It enables you to cut out any page and upload it with an image map, including private pages (such as SNS) and flash pages. Even while playing a movie on YouTube, you can cut out a favorite scene in the movie.

Forum / [resolu] quicktime firefox

er /home/nom_d'utilisateur/.firefox le dossier qui nous intéresse ici est le dossier "plugins". Je dispose de plus du lecteur MPlayer, qui est capable de lire les video quicktime, entre autres. J'ai installé le pack de plugins MPlayer pour mozilla (nom du package : mozilla-mplayer). Il m'a installé les plugins dans le dossier /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/


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