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February 2008

Shell Tips ! » Cheap SAN and secure backup solution for small-sized platform

Here is a quick post about a cheap SAN and secure backup architecture solution for small-sized platform (5/10 servers). In this study case we will see how to use Network Block Devices (nbd) and soft-raid with mdadm.

September 2007

Shell Tips ! » Bind 9.5.0 - Patch dlz MySQL 5 for auto reconnect

Here is a quick post of a “quick and dirty” patch for Bind 9.5.0a6 and its dlz mysql driver. The patch resolve the problem of a lost connection to the database.

April 2007

Shell Tips ! » Bash Help Sheet

Useful cheat sheet with commands and shortcuts for the bash shell.

December 2006

November 2006

Shell Tips ! » Fine tuning a Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) server

Fine post about tuning a Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) Server. From the software approach to the TCP tuning. Many clues about tuning a linux server.

Shell Tips ! » CLI workaround for Windows XP : Doing a pause in a batch script

Nice tips for producing a simple delay with batch on windows XP by doing a ping or adding the windows server 2003 sleep.exe

Shell Tips ! » Using bash wildcards

Usefull bash wildcards for better shell usage. Wildmark are question mark, curly brackets, square brackets and asterix.

October 2006

Shell Tips ! » Help Sheet for vi editor

usefull pdf/jpg file for remember usefull vi/vim commands. Great for working quickly !

Shell Tips !» Working quickly with some usefull BASH Shortcuts

Usefull bash shortcuts. Nice tips for working and moving quickly on it's shell

Shell Tips !» CLI workaround for Windows XP : Using LIST (LESS-Like)

LESS-Like usage on a windows XP by using LIST command line tool. Nice Tips.

Shell Tips !» CLI workaround for Windows XP : Using GREP (QGREP)

Another usefull tips for Windows XP admins. A GREP-Like command : QGREP.

Shell Tips !» CLI workaround for Windows XP : Using TAIL

Usefull workaround for missing tail command on windows XP. Good tips for windows admins.

Shell Tips !» Removing ^M in imported Windows files

Quick reminder about cariage return and line feeds convention on different operating system. Some tips for simple convertion.

Shell Tips !» Blog Archive » Raid 5 Monitoring on Dell Power Edge 2650 with afacli

Interesting way to monitor Raid 5 of PE 2650 running under debian using the dell afacli tool.

Shell Tips !» Blog Archive » Delete old files by the last access date

A case study about a scheduled method with a batch file for deleting some old files by their last access date on a Windows XP Workstation.

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