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The Periodic Table of Videos - University of Nottingham

Welcome to the "Periodic Table of Videos". Tables charting the chemical elements have been around since the 19th century - but this modern version has a short video about each one. The film below gives you bit of a taste.

minor details: when kids (and parents) need to release

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when kids (and parents) need to release One thing that really caught my eye this past weekend was the PUNCH'N'CUDDLE. It comes in two sizes : big and small. It's a cross between a bean bag and punching bag. The look is really nice and the concept is even better. Watch the video below to get the full picture!

Bjork in 3-D: The 'Wanderlust' Video | New York Times Video

Melena Ryzik talks to Bjork and the directing team 'Encyclopedia Pictura' about the making of their new 3-D music video 'Wanderlust.'


Human Piano Concept Video

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A few years ago I had this idea of building a monstrous instrument that would be played with giant wire-bound gloves and big copper bars. After making the prototype I accidently grabbed one of the bars with my hand and realized that the sound went through me!. That led to the idea of a whole piano made up of human hands. Here are some of the tests and performances We used it in.

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