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Flickr: Create Your Own Planets

This group is dedicated to the creation of "planets", so called polar panoramas that look like little planets. The “Polar Panorama Effect” is one of my favourite ways to process photos into unique pieces of art. It takes a panoramic (or at least a landscape-ish) photo and uses the Polar Coordinates filter (e.g. of Photoshop). I am preparing a tutorial on how to create these photos from "normal" photos. Coming soon... - CSS の記述ルール記事のまとめ

Type selectors を XHTML Abstract Modules の順番に沿って記述 - ガイドラインを作成および公開・共有し、ルールの統一 - 2xup セットフォーマットを厳密に定義して可読性を高める - CSS2 Specification の記述順を元にプロパティの記述順を決定 - pur*log W3C の CSS の記述順を元にプロパティの記述順を決定 - LIPPiN HTML の階層構造に合わせて CSS の記述もインデントする - Lucky bag::blog .css ファイルの先頭にルールを明確に記述しておく - Code-404 CSS の自分ルール - nulog その他関連しそうなリソース 模索結果


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This is a beginners website/course on PHP created for web designers who have little to no programming experience. Where most other PHP tutorials and books assume you know programming (or at least, that's what it seems like ...) assumes you need to have things explained (and demonstrated) in non-nerd terms.

20 pro tips - .net magazine

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The difference between a good web designer and a great one is the ability to know how to take short cuts and save time without compromising the quality of work. Pixelsurgeon’s Jason Arber has put together 20 top tips and tricks you should be using to give your work that all-important professional edge

ヒム・カンパニー:Flash Article 英文翻訳記事など

このページでは、アメリカのアドビ社Webサイトで公開されているFlash Articleを中心に、英文技術文書の翻訳文、オリジナル記事などを公開しています。

Clean CSS - A Resource for Web Designers - Optmize and Format your CSS

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Web Developer's Handbook: developing web-sites, exploring own imagination | CSS, Color Tools, SEO, Usability etc.

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Web Developer's Handbook is a pocket-edition of the Web-Dev-Bookmarks ( - a list of essential web-sites, which make the life of web developers easier.


FreeStyle Menus - TwinHelix

TwinHelix Designs: Freelance DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, CGI and more