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2008 :: Turning the spotlight on you.

Welcome! Hi, glad to see you here! I'm Jenae, and welcome to my show. I'll be the girl to wear your shirt and promote you! I'm here to buzz anything and everything you'd like (well, almost anything!) Are you a business, club, cause or individual etc. just wanting to be showcased? If so, this is the place to do it! Here the goal is to feature a new shirt everyday! Not only will I be showcasing your shirt, but I will be spreading the news about who you are, what you do, and how others can do business with, or contact you. You'll be featured on Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Viddler & Seesmic. Right here on the show, I open the package you send, talk about you, then wear your shirt and spread the news! Along with your shirt, whatever you send in your package will be featured, demoed and shown to the world! Each day after the show, the shirt (off my back) and items that came with it, will be placed in the Shirt&Swag Graveyard to be up for grabs to anyone who would like them! Get started by reviewing the Calendar and Conditions pages to check which days are available, and to brief yourself on the rules and conditions! See you soon! Questions? Comments? Please contact me


INDIVIDUAL LOCKER|ポストカードフリーダウンロード

ポストカードのダウンロードFREE! & デザインTEE! - INDIVIDUAL


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