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60 Free Textures from

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Last week I posted a collection of Photoshop brushes for creating your own textured graphics. In addition to using brushes, you can get great results and save considerable amounts of time by taking advantage of textures that are freely available. One excellent resources of textures (and other types of stock images) is Stock.xchng. Below you’ll find more than 60 textures from their site. Each image links to the page on where the image can be downloaded.

71 Gradient Resources for Web Design | Vandelay Website Design

For web designers and graphic designers, gradients provide almost unlimited options for creating the perfect look. This list is a collection of excellent tutorials and resources for effectively using gradients. Some of the tutorials and resources are specific to Photoshop and Illustrator, and others are general. Regardless of whether you use gradients every day or if you’ve never used a gradient, there should be something here for you.

Best of the Best Free Icons | WebTecker the latest Web Tech, Resources and News.

As a web designer I love Icons. They make your sites/applications more user friendly and give them flare. Over the years there have been thousands of Icons that designers have created. The list below is some of the best Icons that will bring flare or uniqueness to your site/applications and best of all they are all free.


Finest - Zone - Hosting - Free - web - templates - PHP - Scripts - Resources - Cool - Graphics - Designers

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Webchantier Vector Image Portal

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Download Vector Images Fonts Cliparts Logos Maps Flags



B-MAN-ART-WORKS - Personal Playground & Resource Center

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Online playground featuring desktop wallpapers, graphic and coding tutorials, stockphotos, free layouts and other resources

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