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May 2008

OpenProcessing - Exhibition Space for Processing Community

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Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is an open project initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas, and it can be freely downloaded from You can find many tutorials and examples at learning. OpenProcessing is a 'flickr'ish place for processing community to share their sketches, comment on each other's pieces, etc..

April 2008

February 2008


CUCI (cut-up / code-in) is primarily an experiment in language and programming. Individual word-units are at the meme mercy of systematic thesaurus look-ups in a fashion similar to the 'human' process. Whereas softmachines are prejudiced, the logic-board is not. I thought how interesting it was that when you write a text message, the predictive engine sometimes arrives at a word pertinent to the content while not the one you were looking for. I since had read a lot of William Burroughs and became interested in the cut-up / fold-in techniques he and other authors had used to add a certain unpredictability to their narratives. A process that added, removed and warped meaning, creating 'new' structures otherwise outside of the typical writing process.

August 2007


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「どう書く?org」へようこそ! このサイトは出されたお題をいかに解くか競い合う、 プログラマのためのコロシアムです。 投稿を試してみたい方はテスト、 とりあえず眺めてみたい方は言語の一覧 がおすすめです。

June 2007

NodeBox | Home

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Welcome to NodeBox NodeBox is a Mac OS X application that lets you create 2D visuals (static, animated or interactive) using Python programming code and export them as a PDF or a QuickTime movie. NodeBox is free and well-documented.

August 2006


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This is a beginners website/course on PHP created for web designers who have little to no programming experience. Where most other PHP tutorials and books assume you know programming (or at least, that's what it seems like ...) assumes you need to have things explained (and demonstrated) in non-nerd terms.

January 2004

July 2003


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