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SASSO Films, Inc.




Shilo is an Emmy Award-winning creative production company representing a group of filmmakers led by directors Jose Gomez and Andre Stringer. Internationally known for creating original and commissioned work that is powerful, provocative and visually extraordinary, Shilo's deeply held passions for design-infused storytelling and innovative application of live-action, design, and animation techniques deliver breakthrough experiences for screens large and small. From its studios in New York and Del Mar, California, where recent projects have spanned short films, commercials and music videos, Shilo has the capacity and experience to originate ideas and handle all aspects of production. Shilo published its first book, We Make It Good, in 2007, and also curates the site



Freestyle Collective

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Freestyle Collective is a collaborative design and production studio recognized for its unique artistic sensibility. Freestyle Collective delivers creative advertising, promotion and branding solutions to a broad range of commercial, broadcast and corporate clients.

MediaStorm: A Multimedia Production Studio Founded by Brian Storm

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MediaStorm is a multimedia production studio based in New York City and collaborating virtually with creative resources around the globe. MediaStorm's principal aim is to usher a new era of multimedia storytelling, via our publication and our industry-leading production and consulting services. The people we hire and the culture that we have created for innovation at MediaStorm are the keys to our success.

Syrup Helsinki

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Established in 2001, Syrup Helsinki is a multidisciplinary design agency offering creative direction, art direction and design for various clients worldwide.


Imagefed teamed up with friend and designer Neal Ashby to design and art direct the packaging for the latest studio release of production duo Thievery Corporation. Both designers collaborated by passing work back and forth, continually refining the visual vernacular and elements to properly tell a story of evolution that would not only be visually complete, but also reflect the remix nature of the album itself.


Web制作 | Mitsue-Links | ミツエーリンクス | WebIntegration

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Web制作会社 ミツエーリンクスは、次世代型Web構築・運用企業です。Webサイトへの集客を大幅に改善させるとともに貴社の価値・機会・信頼の最大化を図ります。

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