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saville parris wakefield

Our website is currently being redesigned. Please take a look through some of our recent work. Our previous website is still running - click here to view. Contact: Sarah Parris.

July 2008

Lionel Tardy - Graphic & Media Designer

I'm a swiss designer living near of Lausanne on the lake Geneva shoreline. Gratuated at Lausanne University of Art (ECAL) in july 2007, I'm now working as a freelance on different webdesign or motion graphics projects.

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Loveleft | graphic design

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What about me? I'm an Italian designer based in Milano - Italy. I'm currently working at Zetalab studio and I'm always interested in any innovative projects, meant to promote the good graphic design culture. Stefano Joker Lionetti I've got a deep passion in everything about Type Design and Typography, so my final degree project at Politecnico di Milano was named lazydog. What about lazydog? Take a look at lazydog website. Stefano Joker Lionetti Please don't ask me to increase the size of your logo, it's not an extension of your penis. Please don't ask me to set a text in Arial, Comic Sans or Times New Roman: I'm definitelly not interested on it.


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Hi! Welcome to HORT! A few things you should know about our site to make your stay more enjoyable.


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