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Plastic Kid is the moniker and freelance platform of graphic artist Jakob Printzlau, working in the fields of illustration, music videos, motion graphics, installation, logo treatments, art shows etc. Established in Copenhagen in 2002, Plastic Kid´s work has been featured in numerous books, magazines and exhibitions both domestically and thoughout the globe. Plastic Kid collaborates with anyone from local indie–rock bands and street wear brands, to some of the worlds largest corporations, creating visuals for any possible media.



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New York City-based PSYOP is an inspiring culmination of creativity, collaboration and production focused on providing visual solutions in motion for the advertising & marketing, video gaming, broadcast and music video industries . Founded in 2000 by five creative partners , the company continues its insurgence into these industries with its distinct conceptual approach, collaborative nature and dynamically fresh aesthetics . Seamlessly blending the disciplines of design, animation and live-action directing PSYOP approaches elaborate challenges with extraordinary creative and technical flexibility providing unique solutions and design with meaning . PSYOP’s appropriation of the identity of the United States government’s division of psychological operations represents a critical awareness of the power that advertising has and the importance of accurate and targeted communications . Their motto is “Persuade, Change & Influence”

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