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Jason Kristofer

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Designer, Consultant, Director of Creative, Curator, Speaker and Assembler.


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New York City-based PSYOP is an inspiring culmination of creativity, collaboration and production focused on providing visual solutions in motion for the advertising & marketing, video gaming, broadcast and music video industries . Founded in 2000 by five creative partners , the company continues its insurgence into these industries with its distinct conceptual approach, collaborative nature and dynamically fresh aesthetics . Seamlessly blending the disciplines of design, animation and live-action directing PSYOP approaches elaborate challenges with extraordinary creative and technical flexibility providing unique solutions and design with meaning . PSYOP’s appropriation of the identity of the United States government’s division of psychological operations represents a critical awareness of the power that advertising has and the importance of accurate and targeted communications . Their motto is “Persuade, Change & Influence”


The VERSION2 group includes editorial, visual effects and motion design divisions working collaboratively and independently in the commercial, broadcast, and film arenas.