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Using Wireframes to Streamline Your Development Process | Webdesigner Depot

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Creating a wireframe is one of the first steps you should take before designing a website. A wireframe helps you organize and simplify the elements and content within a website and is an essential tool in the development process. A wireframe is basically a visual representation of content layout in a website design.


Using CSS to Fix Anything: 20 Common Bugs and Fixes

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Without a doubt, a logical and structured layout is the best way to go. Not only because your layout varies between browsers, but also because CSS has a lot of ways to position every element you have. Today we wanted to share with you some quick tips on how to avoid easy pitfalls when creating your CSS layout. This is the first part in this series as there are SO MANY good tricks out there and if you see an easier or better methods, then post a comment below or email me. I will do my best to include it in our next post in this series.

Typogridphy — A Typographical and Grid Layout CSS Framework From Harry Roberts of CSS Wizardry

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Grids & Typography Typogridphy is a CSS framework constructed to allow web designers and front-end developers to quickly code typograhically pleasing grid layouts. Based on the popular 960 Grid System, Typogridphy allows you to create grid layouts which are versatile and great looking. Typogridphy is made of fully validate, semantic and strict xHTML, and validate CSS. It also uses a typographical method know as ‘creating vertical rhythm’, whereby all adjacent lines of text line up horizontally, regardless of line breaks and new paragraphs. This method in itself isn’t that difficult to accomplish — using pixels. I have created Typogridphy using ems, meaning the layout is zoomable — try holding your Ctrl key and scrolling your mouse wheel.

20 Popular CSS Online Tools and Generators

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Well, a new list of popular CSS online tools and generators is launched today. All these tools are selected due to the design and popularity. And there are some tools are out of the list as the poor site design or similarity. The list is separated with “CSS Formatter and Optimizer”, “CSS Layout and Menu Generator” and “Miscellaneous Tools”. Say your words via comment and let me know your thoughts.

100 Percent Pure CSS Layouts - Iron Myers

CSS Development Collection Project - Hello, my name is Jake Myers. I am working on a reasearch project to put together a list of great CSS design and development resources on the web. This first installment of this project is to collect as many CSS development/design resources as possible. Go to (my main site) for more information and to help.


Grid Calculator

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Change the settings (by dragging the sliders, clicking on the bars, or editing the values) to calculate the overall width of your grid


Layout Gala: a collection of 40 CSS layouts based on the same markup and ready for download!

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In November 2005 I presented on a three-part article on creating CSS layouts using techniques like negative margins, any order columns and in some case opposite floats. The main goal of the article was getting the maximum number of layouts based on the same markup, each with valid CSS and HTML, without hacks nor workaround and a good cross-browser compatibility.

UX Magazine - The User Experience Magazine

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UX Magazine sets out to explore, promote & discuss the multiple facets of user experience one article at a time. It is built upon the foundations of ProjectNeo, a global interactive design community.

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