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February 2010

100redesigns of companies' not so good looking websites

My goal is to show companies how simple, clean and properly working website helps to get loyal clients, optimize business processes and, eventually, make more profit. Corporate websites can and must compete with modern web startups and provide an even better user experience. I'm a web-developer with a 6-year experience in the industry and I enjoy getting together all parts of the project and watching how it works.

Search Patterns: Design for Discovery

Search is among the most disruptive innovations of our time. It influences what we buy and where we go. It shapes how we learn and what we believe. This provocative and inspiring book explores design patterns that apply across the categories of web, e-commerce, enterprise, desktop, mobile, social, and real time search and discovery. Using colorful illustrations and examples, the authors bring modern information retrieval to life, covering such diverse topics as relevance ranking, faceted navigation, multi-touch, and mixed reality. Search Patterns challenges us to invent the future of discovery while serving as a practical guide to help us make search applications better today.

January 2010

TeamTrick: Scrum on Rails

TeamTrick is an open source web application to implement Scrum. It will help you with all the tedious tasks of managing teams with Scrum.

Mockingbird | Wireframes on the fly

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Mockingbird is an online tool that makes it easy for you to create, link together, preview, and share mockups of your website or application.

Augmented Reality Structures | Fubiz™

A structure “NR Building” located near the station of Tachikawa and in the middle of a commercial district. Imagined by Terada Design, it is about a frontage entirely equipped with a code QR, allowing readable additional details on a mobile phone.

December 2009

WhatTheFont for iPhone: Overview « MyFonts

Identify the fonts in a photo or web graphic! Ever seen a great font in a magazine ad, poster, or on the web and wondered what font it is? Whip out your iPhone and snap a photo, and WhatTheFont for iPhone will identify that font in seconds!

June 2009

October 2008

50 Beautifully Dark Web Designs - Six Revisions

Selecting colors for a site is one of the most crucial parts of web design. The color palette can evoke certain types of emotions in a user and sets the tone for the user’s experience while perusing the site. Websites with dark colors can represent "non-mainstream", "elite", and "unconventional". The use of dark backgrounds also centers the attention towards the content, making it an effective theme for portfolios, image galleries, and design-centered sites. In this collection, you’ll find some of the best dark-themed web designs. This is the second part of the "Beautiful Web Designs" series that starts off at "30 Beautifully Blue Web Designs".

September 2008

Desktop Fireworks – today and tomorrow

I’ve been following the development of FLARToolKit for some time now and it’s getting more interesting day by day. What it is? FLARToolKit is a Flash Actionscript port of ARToolKit, a software library for building Augmented Reality applications. Huh? Maybe you’ve seen some really cool Augmented Reality videos before. The FLARToolKit will bring all of this to your webbrowser when you have a webcam and a recent Flash Player.

August 2008

Digital Face Beautification

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This sketch presents a novel method for digital face beautification: given a frontal photograph of a face (a portrait), our method automatically increases the predicted attractiveness rating of the face. The main challenge is to achieve this goal while introducing only minute, subtle modifications to the original image, such that the resulting “beautified” face maintains a strong, unmistakable similarity to the original, as demonstrated by the pair of faces shown in Figure 1. The effectiveness of the proposed method was experimentally validated by a group of test subjects who consistently rated the modified faces as more attractive than the original ones. Professional photographers have been retouching and deblemishing their subjects ever since the invention of photography. It may be safely assumed that any model that we encounter on a magazine cover today has been digitally manipulated by a skilled, talented retouching artist. Since the human face is arguably the most frequently photographed object on earth, a tool such as ours would be a useful and welcome addition to the ever-growing arsenal of image enhancement and retouching tools available in today’s digital image editing packages. The potential of such a tool for motion picture special effects and advertising is also quite obvious.

Top 10 Creative Ways To Display Time | Events, Monday Inspiration | Smashing Magazine

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Clocks don’t have to be boring. Of course, clocks need need to remain usable and display current time; however, they can do it in a number of creative ways. You are about to see some of the most creative examples out there. Take some time and enjoy.

Test your web design in different browsers - Browsershots

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Browsershots makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers. It is a free open-source online service created by Johann C. Rocholl. When you submit your web address, it will be added to the job queue. A number of distributed computers will open your website in their browser. Then they will make screenshots and upload them to the central server here.

July 2008

The Web with a touch of Style - Keio SFC

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This is part of a lecture given at SFC Keio University - ( 慶応義塾大学) in June 2008 (The class had been given the first time in June 2007). The lecture covers a few topics such as Web architecture, XML technologies, etc. It is incomplete, but if you have suggestions for improving the content, please send me an email

Using CSS to Fix Anything: 20 Common Bugs and Fixes

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Without a doubt, a logical and structured layout is the best way to go. Not only because your layout varies between browsers, but also because CSS has a lot of ways to position every element you have. Today we wanted to share with you some quick tips on how to avoid easy pitfalls when creating your CSS layout. This is the first part in this series as there are SO MANY good tricks out there and if you see an easier or better methods, then post a comment below or email me. I will do my best to include it in our next post in this series.

Color Design Blog / The Colors Of Global Brand Identities by COLOURlovers

Today, more than ever, companies need to separate themselves from others that share the same crowded marketplaces, and it is being done with branding and creating a unique and easily recognizable visual identity. The visual identity of a business can be one of its most valuable intangible assets, and part of that visual identity is color.

Elements of Design: A Web Design Showcase

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Elements of Design is a different type of web design showcase focusing on specific aspects of web design. It is brought to you by the Smiley Cat Web Design Blog. If you would like to submit a design element or suggest a new category, please contact me.

June 2008 - About

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Scriptographer is a scripting plugin for Adobe Illustrator™. It gives the user the possibility to extend Illustrator’s functionality by the use of the JavaScript language.

Beautiful And Original Product Designs | Monday Inspiration | Smashing Magazine

Successful product design manages to reveal useful functionality beyond its appealing form. No matter how excellent a design looks like, most customers aren’t likely to spend money on something they won’t be able to use. On the other hand, most people are likely to buy something useful despite the design it has.

24 Kick Ass Portfolio Designs | fuel your creativity

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My Top 24 Favorite Websites (Portfolio Focused) Please keep in mind the focus of this post was not the actual work inside the portfolio (although awesome), it was to show the best portfolio design websites.

A Guide to CSS Support in Email

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Designing an HTML email that renders consistently across the major email clients can be very time consuming. Support for even simple CSS varies considerably between clients, and even different versions of the same client. We've put together this CSS support in email clients guide to save you the time and trouble of figuring it out for yourself. With 21 different sets of results, all the major email systems are covered, both desktop applications and webmail. If you do notice results different to the ones we've listed, we'd love to hear your feedback. Email clients (particularly webmail) often change without notice, so we appreciate your help keeping this resource up to date.

May 2008

OpenProcessing - Exhibition Space for Processing Community

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Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is an open project initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas, and it can be freely downloaded from You can find many tutorials and examples at learning. OpenProcessing is a 'flickr'ish place for processing community to share their sketches, comment on each other's pieces, etc.. :: Your Music, Film & Urban Culture - Audiotool Startpage

Did you ever want to compose your own music? Sure. Did you ever do so? Right. Here it is, it’ll supply you with an emulator of some famous little machines, used by DJs, producers and bands all over the planet. Right now, we can equip you with a rebuilt Roland TR-808, TR-909, TB-303 and some floorboards. Interested? Give it a try!

minor details: when kids (and parents) need to release

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when kids (and parents) need to release One thing that really caught my eye this past weekend was the PUNCH'N'CUDDLE. It comes in two sizes : big and small. It's a cross between a bean bag and punching bag. The look is really nice and the concept is even better. Watch the video below to get the full picture!

IVY - manipulability & customization

The product we have developed is based on the concept of the green banana and is called IVY. IVY is an external hard disk which shows the content of the hard disk on its skin. When no data is stored on IVY, its skin will remain blank. When you purchase IVY, it appears to be a normal hard disk, but when you start using it by storing data, it will alter its skin visualising the content of the hard disk, using an OLED screen. The representation of the data is abstract and personal. Over time, the content of the hard disk will change and the representation of the data will change along with this. The visualisation of the data is based on Sequoia View.IVY is customization, as its appearance depends completely on your personal data. IVY also shows that manipulability is never ending as it keeps adapting itself over time. The ideal state of IVY is not yet at the beginning of use but will evolve over time.

April 2008

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