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We work with forward-looking designers and manufacturers to bring great design into your home. From interactive lamps to lit furniture pieces and cutting edge furniture and accessories, you'll find the latest in contemporary design at Generate.

March 2007


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About UnitedVisualArtists. On this page you can find information about UVA, information about the people who work here and how to contact them, archives of all the content on this site, a search engine and information about the website. The Company UVA's approach combines three disciplines: art direction, production design and software engineering. Our philosophy is to tightly integrate these elements to deliver real-time, immersive and responsive experiences.

UK interactive Design Exhibition "RESPONSIVE" : Pre Site


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Nanika - Frontpage

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Nanika is a company founded with the aim to explore interaction between man and machine beyond traditional input and output.

August 2006

Deepend - Design Strategy & Creative Solutions - Internet, Film & TV, Interactive Media, Strategy / Online Branding

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Deepend is a digital brand communications agency that specialises in strategic, design led, business and marketing solutions. Our design teams are experts in the creation and production of interactive, online, mobile and broadcast technologies.