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Karl D.D. Willis | Interaction Design & Media Art

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Karl D.D. Willis is a New Zealand born, Tokyo based interaction designer, researcher, and media artist. His research at the University of Tsukuba and the Sony CSL Interaction Laboratory focuses on ways in which technology can promote and provoke playful everyday creativity.

2007 - Patterns in Interaction Design

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A Pattern Library for Interaction Design This site contains a lot of best practices in Interaction Design. Over the years I have collected examples and insight on their applicability that I share with you here on this. So there is really no 'original' design to be found here, sorry. It has all been done before... See it as a reference or basic 'toolkit' you can use when design user experiences. It is no substitute for creative design, it simply seeks to describe what we know and have learned about solutions you will find abundantly on the web and even beyond. Every 'solution' described in these patterns may succeed in one context but may also fail in another. The challenge is to understand why and how it depends on elements of the context of use. I give you my opinion here, but may opinion is also subject to new this site will be updated!


Nanika - Frontpage

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Nanika is a company founded with the aim to explore interaction between man and machine beyond traditional input and output.

haque :: design research

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The domain of architecture has been transformed by developments in interaction research, wearable computing, mobile connectivity, people-centered design, contextual awareness, RFID systems and ubiquitous computing. These technologies alter our understanding of space and change the way we relate to each other. We no longer think of architecture as static and immutable; instead we see it as dynamic, responsive and conversant. Our projects explore some of this territory.

INITION | Project - Virtual Fluid

We are at the cutting edge of an exciting new technology that allows full-body, unencumbered interaction within a virtual environment, enabling the user to interact using nothing more than the movements of his/her body. This sort of interaction relies on digital cameras interfaced to the PC to pick up motion.



Cooper innovates, designs and improves software and interactive products. Gain valuable insight into your users goals and build quality products your customers find easy to use!

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