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Chris O'Shea

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Chris O'Shea is an artist and designer based in London. He is the author of Pixelsumo and co-founder of the event series This happened.




Windows XP Professional Installation Onto SD or SDHC card [EeeUser Eee PC Wiki]

Currently there are two reported working methods for installing Windows XP Professional on to an SDHC card for use on the EeePC. Method 1 as discussed by CorvetteZ0606 on the EeeUser Forums. Method 2 as discussed by DonkeyBeliever makes use of nLite for the bootable CD Creation and Acronis True Image Home v11 for the clone of the XP Install. Also there is a simplification of both methods, so you don't have to bother about changing the driver-files of XP before installation using the freeware xp3eSD.

Reform & Revolution / R²

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About | Eyebeam Labs

Eyebeam's Labs provide a fertile context and state-of-the-art tools for digital research and experimentation. They are a lively incubator of creativity and thought, where artists and technologists actively engage with culture, addressing the issues and concerns of our time. Our fellows and resident artists challenge convention, celebrate the hack, educate the next generation, encourage collaboration, freely offer their contributions to the community, and invite the public to share in a spirit of openness: open source, open content and open distribution.



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Plastic Kid is the moniker and freelance platform of graphic artist Jakob Printzlau, working in the fields of illustration, music videos, motion graphics, installation, logo treatments, art shows etc. Established in Copenhagen in 2002, Plastic Kid´s work has been featured in numerous books, magazines and exhibitions both domestically and thoughout the globe. Plastic Kid collaborates with anyone from local indie–rock bands and street wear brands, to some of the worlds largest corporations, creating visuals for any possible media.

Light Tracer | Interactive Drawing System | Karl D.D. Willis

Project Description Light Tracer is an interactive installation which invites the participant to write, draw and trace images in real physical space using a series of light sources. These light sources are subsequently tracked by a camera, and displayed over the participant's own image onscreen. How the participant uses the system is left entirely up to them; however it is possible to write messages, draw pictures or trace physical objects such as your face or hand.


ドークボット東京 !!! 電気キチGUYズ&GALズ !!!

「電気で変なことする人たち」ドークボットがついにたどり着いた、 宇宙に一番近いパワースポット日本科学未来館! その中でも特に宇宙に近い屋上中庭で、 電極刺し違えギリギリの俺様セレモニーを 一服しませんか?

UCSC Engineering Building Gets an 8bit Upgrade

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Super Mario Bros. (Miyamoto, et. al.,1986) was an inspiration to many of todays computer engineers. In celebration of Engineering Week, this large format work was created as an homage to the inspirational works of these and other great computer engineers and scientists. Currently 3/4 of this work is still visible at the E2 building at UCSC, it is scheduled to be removed Friday night.

David Ellis - Work

David Ellis lives and works in Brooklyn; where his "motion paintings" travel through time like music, where beats are orchestrated and performed on "drum paintings" stretched and tuned to bass, snare, etc. and played via analog drum machines propelled by air, where player pianos meet SP1200s meet improvisational wild style sign painting.

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