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March 2008

Windows XP Professional Installation Onto SD or SDHC card [EeeUser Eee PC Wiki]

Currently there are two reported working methods for installing Windows XP Professional on to an SDHC card for use on the EeePC. Method 1 as discussed by CorvetteZ0606 on the EeeUser Forums. Method 2 as discussed by DonkeyBeliever makes use of nLite for the bootable CD Creation and Acronis True Image Home v11 for the clone of the XP Install. Also there is a simplification of both methods, so you don't have to bother about changing the driver-files of XP before installation using the freeware xp3eSD.

June 2007

Light Tracer | Interactive Drawing System | Karl D.D. Willis

Project Description Light Tracer is an interactive installation which invites the participant to write, draw and trace images in real physical space using a series of light sources. These light sources are subsequently tracked by a camera, and displayed over the participant's own image onscreen. How the participant uses the system is left entirely up to them; however it is possible to write messages, draw pictures or trace physical objects such as your face or hand.