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We work with forward-looking designers and manufacturers to bring great design into your home. From interactive lamps to lit furniture pieces and cutting edge furniture and accessories, you'll find the latest in contemporary design at Generate.

May 2007

Bklyn Designs 2007: Longoland, Pratt Students, Uhuru & Amy Helfland

"Joshua Longo of Longoland's booth was probably the most purely delightful of any, if only because Joshua himself seemed to take the purest delight in objects as objects, outside of any functionality. He did display a wingback chair upholstered in "scales" of felted cashmere and a crafts-y "bear"-skin rug made of the same, but his pride and joy were clearly his stuffed animal/monster creations..."

August 2006


Wanders Wonders is a collection of designs that are produced and distributed by Marcel Wanders studio.

July 2006

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