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Twitterfountain, mashing Twitter Tweets and Flickr images into a visual backchannel

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Twitterfountain comes to your aid: we mash up tweets and Flickr-images that share the same tags into a spectacular visual. Below is a sample, that you can copy and embed in your own site.

Flickr: Add a weblog

Tweet your Flickr photos and video. Here's how to set it up: 1. Go to Twitter to authorize tweets from your Flickr account. 2. Once authorized you'll automatically be sent back to Flickr, and we'll show how to tweet to your heart's content.


Time Skulls - a set on Flickr

Skulls that somehow display the passing of time, or are themselves pocket watches.

1950s - 1970s Advertising - a set on Flickr

Posters, Magazine Advertisements, Brochures, Booklets, Publishing, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Packaging, Logotypes, Trade-Marks, Letterheads, Exhibitions, Show-windows... Graphic design, illustrations and printed artwork in general


Security Patterns - a photoset on Flickr

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On-going project to collect and organize envelope security patterns from around the world. To participate, send high-res scans (jpg format) to security[at] Please include your name, city/country of origin, and what type of envelope the pattern was found in, if available. Thanks!


Banksy Los Angeles - a photoset on Flickr

Photos from the noon opening of the Banksy show in Los Angeles

Flickr: Create Your Own Planets

This group is dedicated to the creation of "planets", so called polar panoramas that look like little planets. The “Polar Panorama Effect” is one of my favourite ways to process photos into unique pieces of art. It takes a panoramic (or at least a landscape-ish) photo and uses the Polar Coordinates filter (e.g. of Photoshop). I am preparing a tutorial on how to create these photos from "normal" photos. Coming soon...

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