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OpenProcessing - Exhibition Space for Processing Community

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Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is an open project initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas, and it can be freely downloaded from You can find many tutorials and examples at learning. OpenProcessing is a 'flickr'ish place for processing community to share their sketches, comment on each other's pieces, etc..

Functional Design for a Dysfunctional World - That’s Design!

Introduction We are facing a planet that is slowly disintegrating by pollution and global warming. We live in a society that is sadly corrupted by violence and inequality. And in which poverty goes hand in hand with over consumption. Our world certainly is a dysfunctional world. This exhibition focuses on a group of young designers who operate both as producers and social engineers. In their desire for an instantly engaged attitude, they reinterpret their own environment to offer useful and ingenious suggestions for design that can be at once critical, functional and witty. Using prosaic materials, found or recycled objects, and by reassembling and reconstructing old and new, they address environmental problems, gender issues, and politics of space, or simply press for a more human face of design. Not without humour they trigger awareness of our patterns of behaviour. And by exploring the symbolic values of the objects that surround us, they remind us that while we all share the dream of living in a better world we are equally responsible for creating or at least sustaining it. The participants in the exhibition are students or recent graduates of Konstfack from different departments, including Interior Design and architecture, Industrial Design, Glass and Ceramics and Textiles. Renée Padt, Curator


Tour Dates (updated on 27 March 2008) Wed 23 April, 21h-4h // Exclusive Tour Launch Party, Le Baron // Tokyo (members guests only) Thu 24 April, 19h // Presentation at Pecha Kucha Night, SuperDeluxe // Tokyo Mon 28 April, 14.30h // Screening Talk at Image Forum Festival // Tokyo Tue 29 April to Sun 11 May // Exhibition at Film Studio 1928, Dohjidai Gallery of Art // Kyoto Wed 30 April, 17h // Screening at Image Forum Festival // Tokyo Mon 5 May, 18h // Mini-Screening AV Live Performance at Apple Store Ginza // Tokyo Wed 7 May, 19h // Screening Talk at Uplink Factory // Tokyo Thu 8 May, 19h // Screening Talk at Uplink Factory // Tokyo Sat 10 May, 23.59h-4h // AV Live Set with Salmon (JP) at Minimal Tokyo, Liquid Rooms // Tokyo

The Contemporary Interior Design Exhibition in London - 20-23 Sept 07

100% Design is the UK's premier contemporary interiors event for the contract market. There is no other show that connects the worlds of architecture and design with innovative, contemporary interior products, creativity and an exciting mix of new and established talent.



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A “Do It Yourself” festival for new media designers and developers who will learn the latest in interactive techniques and technologies and how to apply them to their own work. World-class speakers, Canadian debuts of new media art exhibits, a prestigious international awards show and late night mixers round out the festival, providing an energizing round-the-clock experience for the delegates.

BKLYN DESIGNS™: May 11 – 13, 2007

2007 EXHIBITORS The 5th anniversary edition of BKLYN DESIGNS™ featured the work of contemporary furnishings designers. All exhibitors were selected by a jury of design professionals. The products on display included indoor/outdoor furniture, lighting, rugs and decorative accessories for home, office and garden – made in Brooklyn.

UK interactive Design Exhibition "RESPONSIVE" : Pre Site


7 Laserdeck Skateboard Show - © Copyright 2007 Refill Magazine

SEVEN An exhibition allowing artists to explore the idea of lasering away at seven layers of ply that make a deck and add their own distinctive mark. A select group of artists globally have contributed their works to explore this new technology. Only 50 limited edition decks will be produced per artist. The aim of the show is to have a series of unique decks that collectors may choose to ride or display. The exhibition will have its first show at the MTV Gallery Space in Sydney, Australia scheduled on Thursday 29th March, to be followed later in the year by New York, LA, Japan and finally a scheduled tour of Europe.

TWS本郷: hongo top - トーキョーワンダーサイト

2月12日(月・祝)13:00~18:00 ベンディング・ワークショップ byエキソニモ 2月14日(水) 18:00~20:00 バレンタインデー☆オープニング・パーティ 2月21日(水) / 22日(木) 公開ドローイング トーチカ / Kozyndan 2月25日(日) 14:00~17:00  PIKAPIKAワークショップ byトーチカ ◎エキソニモの作品制作‐いらないおもちゃ大募集!‐


art project room ARTZONE

ARTZONEはart project roomであり、アートをいかに社会の中で機能させる仕組み、システムをつくるか、とりわけ若いアーティストと一緒に考えるような、新しいアートの実験の場です。単なる展示を行うギャラリーではなく、プロジェクト創出の企画室として、音楽イベントやトークショーなどを行っています。 Thank you for your interests in artzone.We are the art project room which is not merely a gallery but an experiment place pursuing to make arts function in the society, and to create a new system especially with younger artists to let art alive.

p i c t o p l a s m a

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P I C T O P L A S M A - c o n t e m p o r a r y c h a r a c t e r d e s i g n a n d a r t


ISIS Arts develops and manages artist led residencies, exhibitions and events. With an active new media studio, ISIS provides a valuable and exciting environment for the creation of new media artwork.