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Diesel Wall 2008 - International giant-sized art competition

Diesel Wall is an international art contest that aims to bring intriguing/inspiring/insightful/inciting contemporary ideas to giant urban canvases in city centres around the world.

The Ten Worst Union-Protected Teachers | Teachers Union Facts

Thanks to outmoded, union-defended employment laws and policies, it can be impossible to fire a bad union-protected teacher. That’s why the Center for Union Facts is going to pay the ten worst union-protected teachers in America $10,000 apiece to get out of the classroom - for good. Dedicated, professional teachers have nothing to fear from this contest (in fact, it’s teachers unions who oppose paying better teachers more money); we’re here to showcase the worst of the worst. Tell us your story below!



cut & paste design contest

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In November, 2005, the concept of live digital design battle was born with the inaugural Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament.

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