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January 2009

Rainbow based designs: A new trend? | Dezinerfolio

We really love following up on the latest trends. Today, while browsing through some websites, we saw a few which had a common element. Yes, Rainbows! If used carefully, Rainbows can give a cool look and feel to your website. Though we couldn't find many, we have gathered as much as we could. But the question remains unanswered. Does the use of Rainbows mark the beginning of a new trend? We can't confirm until we get to see more similar designs. So please share your link if you find one that is particularly good.

May 2008

Visual Brainstorming

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already using the Orphalese Tarot software to work with virtual Tarot decks. The convenience is addictive, isn’t it? I still enjoy working with printed cards … but each time I sort, shuffle, or gather them up, I find myself longing for the one-click convenience of the Orphalese Tarot!

Visual Brainstorming - Mycoted

When traditional thinking has become stale or dried up, visual brainstorming using graphic ideation may be a useful alternative

Visual Brainstorming

Brainstorming verbally frequently does not work. Visual brainstorming , that is brainstorming with images, objects and actions frequently works spectacularly well.

InnovationTools - Business creativity and brainstorming articles

Visual brainstorming is about collaboratively generating ideas without using the spoken or written word. You might use objects which teams put together to solve problems. You might use arts and crafts materials such as colored construction paper, tape, string, card, pens and the like. You might use people to create improvisational role plays.

SEOやウェブサービスの企画に使えそうなキーワードブレストツールまとめ | IDEA*IDEA

ウェブサービスの企画をしていたり、自社のSEOなんかを考えるときにどうやってキーワードを選定するか、という問題がありますよね。そうしたキーワードのブレストに使えそうなツールをいくつかまとめている記事がありました。 いつか使いそうなので自分が知っているものも含めてメモ的にエントリー。英語しか通らないものもありますが、まぁ、適当にご利用ください。では早速。

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