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03 August 2006

Developing Dashboard Widgets

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Tiger introduces a new feature called Dashboard, which provides a new and unique class of mini-applications called Widgets. While Dashboard will be a powerful feature for Tiger users, for developers it introduces a rich new development environment. Widgets are quick to develop and easy to deploy, and they can leverage all of Tiger's advanced technologies. Widgets are perfect for working with small amounts of data or interacting with other applications, both on your desktop and across the web. And they provide an excellent way to add functionality to an existing application. This means there are many opportunities for developers, whether creating new products, or adding market-differentiating value to an existing one.

20 June 2006

Project:Omega - Tutoriels - Développement - Développer des Widgets Dashboard

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Tigre a introduit une nouvelle fonctionnalité appelée Dashboard qui donne naissance à une nouvelle classe unique de mini-applications appelées Widgets.

Making a Dashboard Widget to Display Live Sales Information

I decided this afternoon that it was time to try my hand at creating an OS X Dashboard widget to show me live sales information from one of my client’s online stores. To my surprise, I found that this was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be: everyone should be making Dashboard widgets! So here’s how I did it.

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