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October 2007

August 2006

Dapper: The Data Mapper

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Dapper is a service that allows you to extract and use information from any website on the Internet. For those familiar with web services, you can think of Dapper as an API maker. For the rest of you, Dapper allows you to build web applications and mashups using data from any website without any programming.

June 2006

Prototype Window Class

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The Prototype Window Class allows you to add in-browser windows with the flick of a few lines of code (and CSS to tweak). The window features: Resizable windows, Minimize/Maximize, Modal Dialogs, Visual Effects, Skinnable

January 2006


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Alsacréations est spécialisé dans la conception web conforme aux standards internationaux et accessible aux personnes handicapées. Une longue expérience dans de multiples domaines d'expertises englobe à la fois les aspects techniques et fonctionnels.

December 2005

Web Browser Standards Support

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This document will summarize the level of support for standard web technologies by popular web browsers

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