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10 November 2007 12:30

Semantic MediaWiki -

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Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is an extension of MediaWiki – the wiki-system powering Wikipedia – with semantic technology, thus turning it into a semantic wiki. While articles in MediaWiki are just plain texts, SMW allows users to add structured data, comparable to the data one would usually store in a database. SMW uses the fact that such data is already contained in many articles: users just need to "mark" the according places so that the system can extract the relevant data without "understanding" the rest of the text. With this information, SMW can help to search, organise, browse, evaluate, and share the wiki's content. This wiki (the one you're just using) is usually running on the most recent version of the Semantic MediaWiki extensions, and thus also serves as a demonstration for the system. Semantic MediaWiki is used on many other sites and has also been featured in the press.

10 November 2007 12:15 : Documentation

The DBpedia community uses a flexible and extensible framework to extract different kinds of structured information from Wikipedia. The DBpedia information extraction framework is written using PHP 5. The framework is available from the DBpedia SVN (GNU GPL License). This pages describes the DBpedia information extraction framework. The framework consists of the interfaces: Destination, Extractor, Page Collection and RDFnode, plus the essential classes Extraction Group, Extraction Job, Extraction Manager, Extraction Result and RDFtriple.

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