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07 August 2006 08:30

EvoGrid - Evolutionary Computation framework for Python in Launchpad

EvoGrid is a componentized framework based on the Zope3 interfaces / adapters system to build Evolutionary Algorithms (aka Genetic Algorithms) by pluging python components together.

07 August 2006 08:15

Introducing the EvoGrid system

EvoGrid is a component-based python framework to build Evolutionary Computation-based Machine Learning algorithms sometime also known as Genetic Algorithms The EvoGrid design is inspired by the idea of "replicators" introduced by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene. EvoGrid's replicators can evolve through both classical undirected darwinian evolution or through "intelligent" lamarckian evolution or by a combination of both. In this respect, EvoGrid can be considered a Memetic Computational framework.