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September 2007

Power PostgreSQL - PerfList

This is a set of rules of thumb for setting up your PostgreSQL 8.0 server. A lot of the below is based on anecdotal evidence or practical scaling tests; there's a lot about database performance that we, and OSDL, are still working out. However, this should get you started. All information below is useful as of January 12, 2005 and will likely be updated later. Discussions of settings below supercede the recommendations I've made on General Bits.

February 2007

Making a tree with "millions and millions" of dynamic nodes

First mail of a thread on the postgresql mailing list dealing of various ways to implement a tree structure with PostgreSQL.

January 2007

Materialized Views in PostgreSQL

Materialized views are certainly possible in PostgreSQL. Because of PostgreSQL's powerful PL/pgSQL language, and the functional trigger system, materialized views are somewhat easy to implement. I will examine several methods of implementing materialized views in PostgreSQL.

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