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27 February 2008 12:45

Simple SSE optimized sin, cos, log and exp

I chose to write them in pure SSE1 MMX so that they run on the pentium III of your grand mother, and also on my brave athlon-xp, since thoses beast are not SSE2 aware. Intel AMath showed me that the performance gain for using SSE2 for that purpose was not large enough (10%) to consider providing an SSE2 version (but it can be done very quickly). The functions use only the _mm_ intrinsics , there is no inline assembly in the code. Advantage: easier to debug, works out of the box on 64 bit setups, let the compiler choose what should be stored in a register, and what is stored in memory. Inconvenient: some versions of gcc 3.x are badly broken with certain intrinsic functions ( _mm_movehl_ps , _mm_cmpeq_ps etc). Mingw's gcc for example -- beware that the brokeness is dependent on the optimization level. A workaround is provided (inline asm replacement for the braindead intrinsics), it is not nice but robust, and broken compilers are detected by the validation program below.