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June 2008

Neurophilosophy : An overview of corticogenesis

The winners of the first Kavli Prize were announced a couple of weeks ago. One of the three recipients of the prize for neuroscience was Pasko Rakic, a professor of neurobiology and neurology at the Yale School of Medicine. Rakic has spent most of his career investigating the development of the cerebral cortex of man and other mammals, and it is for his outstanding contribution to this area of research that he has been awarded the Kavli Prize for Neuroscience.

January 2008

Professor Karl Friston – Selected Publications

Theoretical neurobiology (dynamics and optimisation)

June 2007

Temporal difference learning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Temporal difference learning is a prediction method. It has been mostly used for solving the reinforcement learning problem. "TD learning is a combination of Monte Carlo ideas and dynamic programming (DP) ideas." [2] TD resembles a Monte Carlo method because it learns by sampling the environment according to some policy. TD is related to dynamic programming techniques because it approximates its current estimate based on previously learned estimates (a process known as bootstrapping). The TD learning algorithm is related to the Temporal difference model of animal learning.

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