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Coakley/Kennedy Pre-Election Duet “Unforgettable”

The Massachusetts’ special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat went theatrical over the weekend as a virtual Kennedy joined embattled Democrat Martha Coakley on-stage for a song and dance routine.


Gonzales Mulls Senate Strategy

“It’s sort of de facto that officials trooping up to Capitol Hill to testify are going to elect to go the ‘truth’ route,” says Yale associate professor of legislative studies Hugh Miller. “Wouldn’t it be novel if Gonzalez decided to turn the tables and go ‘dare’?”

Extreme Makeover to Tackle Walter Reed

The host of ABC’s Emmy-winning hit show Extreme Makeover, Home Edition confirmed Wednesday that the show would soon be enlisting an army of workmen to wage war on a very special target. “We’re going to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and we’re going to bring hope to those brave, rundown soldiers,” said Ty Pennington at a Wednesday morning press conference.

Early Problem Plagues Police Tour

Mere hours after announcing their first tour in almost 40 years, The Police have already run into a roadblock in the form or a 6’3” aging prostitute with a familiar name. “I don’t have to walk the streets for money, not with that song out there again,” Roxanne says, her tired eyes scanning the gray crowd for signs of a mark with shallow pockets.