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September 2012

#21866 (Remove AtomPub from core) – WordPress Trac

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Wordpress laisse tomber Pie/Not-Pie/Echo/AtomPub, ce protocole d'avenir appartiendra donc bientôt définitivement au passé. Pendant ce temps, le XML-RPC de Winer continue d'être utilisé...

January 2012

WordPress has left the building -

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Kev, they released a BETA version that they didn’t even load on Windows. The MENU didn’t work. Not some advanced feature throwing a bug, the fucking MENU didn’t work. I can’t test our themes and software against that. Lets be honest mate, how did it get past their tester and release procedure? Oh, thats right, they dont have a Tester. They just load it on their MacBooks and presume it works for the other 95% of the world. It’s a fucking shambles, and clearly they’ve learnt nothing since the 3.0 fuck-up.

Tout est dit.

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