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12 October 2012 12:15

It’s not about the unit tests « The Agile Warrior

What does this have to do with unit tests?

/!\ Unit tests != Quality

Absolutely nothing. And that’s my point.

What leads to quality is something much bigger—more than a collection of software engineering techniques or a collection of practices.

When I entered this community I was under the false impression that if you didn’t write software the way I did, you must be doing it wrong.

Instead I discovered a community that cared more about quality than I did, and that I still had a lot to learn about crafting a quality experience.

That’s what this whole things has taught me. It’s not about the practices. It’s about the spirit, intent, and in which they are applied. Used when applicable. Quickly abandoned when not.

Retour aux fondamentaux : la question n'est pas "comment gérer les tests unitaires ?" mais "comment gérer la qualité ?".

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