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January 2011

HTML5 vs. HTML – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report

The actual muddying began when Steve Jobs announced Apple’s support for HTML5 by pointing to web stuff created with CSS3.

On s'en doutait un peu, c'est encore Apple qui a fichu la grouille.

Daring Fireball Linked List: HTML Is the New HTML5

Low on hype, high on practicality — that’s why I admire the WHATWG.

Gruber aime construire l'avenir sur des sables mouvants. La WHAT Task Force mérite vraiment notre admiration.

Karl Dubost - HTML5. Feels. Good. OpenWeb

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Like it or not, the HTML5 word itself became the flag of an idea for Open Web Technologies for most people.

J'aurais plutôt dit que HTML5 ressemblait fortement à l'entrée d'un sanibroyeur SFA. Mais bon.

W3C HTML5 Logo

Show Some Love

On va te montrer de l'amour "Hixie style" : serre les fesses.

September 2010

Bug 10661 – use an ISO 639-2 specified language for HTML5 documents

i once had a sense of humor -- then i started working on HTML5... regardless of

humor, the natural language definition of the w3c document should be either

"en" or "en-us"

June 2010

Re: Change Proposals, objections, and the Decision Policy from Roy T. Fielding on 2010-06-15 ([email protected] from June 2010)

Ian's arguments are entirely based on browser behavior, when it

suits him, and entirely based on speculation when it doesn't.

We have had several discussions on terminology and language

definition for which he has shown no interest in consistency.

We have argued about URI and URL algorithms for which his claim

of browser implementation has turned out to be utterly false.

We are still arguing about the definition of Content-Language

as a pragma in HTML5, even though that definition is technically

wrong, not implemented by the majority of browsers let alone

any of the thousand or so content management systems, actively

harmful to deployed content, disagrees with the normative

MIME and HTTP definitions, breaks the principle of orthogonality

that is core to Web architecture, and even manages to misuse

the term "pragma" for something that is very clearly metadata.

Euh... dtg ?

May 2010

HTML5 Readiness

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Votre navigateur est-il prêt pour les brouillons de HTML 5 et CSS 3 ? On notera que les guignols qui imposent d'enlever l'espace entre HTML et 5 parce que pas µFormat-friendly font subir le même mauvais sort à CSS 3. La représentation est Jolie, mais dramatiquement lente et illisible.

Daring Fireball Linked List: Scribd in HTML5

Using their new HTML5 document presentation technology to explain their new HTML5 document presentation technology.

C'est dommage que 1) ça ne soit pas du HTML 5, 2) ça ne fonctionne pas sous Opera.

March 2010

Update on HTML 5 Document License - W3C Blog

(As an aside, everyone is spelling HTML5 without a space these days, including the (published) specification.)

Et oui, Google ne sait pas trouver HTML 5 correctement, les folksonomies n'aiment pas les étiquettes avec un espace. Heureusement, nous avons les défenseurs du web du pauvre : un web sans espace, un web sans sémantique. Heureusement, nous avons le WHAT WG... pardon, le WHATWG. Oh et puis, WTF !

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