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October 2012

Bilan de la coding party #1 « Blog d’Ippon Technologies

De manière quasi unanime, deux technologies nous ont coûté beaucoup de temps : Git et Backbone.js.

C'est bien d'être capable de le reconnaître.

June 2011 GitHub, Collaboration, and Haters

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What really disappoints me, however, is the reaction by the general open source community. Check Twitter and you’ll see a flood of hate against Have we forgotten that we’re all in this “open source” thing together? Do we not realize that it’s not a “popularity” contest, and that number of commits does not necessarily indicate a number of stable, released and downloadable projects? What GitHub does is awesome, and I fully support them in their efforts.

En même temps "git" en anglais c'est un connard, et "GitHub" c'est le point de rassemblement des connards. Qu'attendre de plus ?

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