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Veritasium: Why Facebook's News Feed changes are bad for users.

Most recently, Facebook tweaked the algorithm to bury pictures of cute cats and surface useful news items.

On peut dire que c'est un échec.


ASCII by Jason Scott / FaceFacts

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Well, first, let’s start with Facebook itself.

Facebook is the third of what is probably a quartet (or quintet) of the destruction of the innocence of computing.  First was viruses, second was malware, third is facebook. I suspect fourth will be related to control of networking itself, and fifth will be licensing of high level computer ability. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.



Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Project Cassandra: Facebook's Open Source Alternative to Google BigTable

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Cassandra is described as "always writable" which means that a write operation always returns success even if it fails internally to the system.

C'était donc pour ça qu'une recherche paginée sur Fessebouc est synonyme d'échec.

flow|state: Looking forward to seeing Facebook apps drop their pointless mystery

That mystery would, in fact, seem to be the basis for the viral distribution model of many Facebook apps. I have trouble with this approach, being founded on a disregard for a user's intelligence and precious time.

Si le temps de l'utilisateur de FesseBouc était précieux, il ne serait pas sur FesseBouc.