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It’s not about the unit tests « The Agile Warrior

What does this have to do with unit tests?

/!\ Unit tests != Quality

Absolutely nothing. And that’s my point.

What leads to quality is something much bigger—more than a collection of software engineering techniques or a collection of practices.

When I entered this community I was under the false impression that if you didn’t write software the way I did, you must be doing it wrong.

Instead I discovered a community that cared more about quality than I did, and that I still had a lot to learn about crafting a quality experience.

That’s what this whole things has taught me. It’s not about the practices. It’s about the spirit, intent, and in which they are applied. Used when applicable. Quickly abandoned when not.

Retour aux fondamentaux : la question n'est pas "comment gérer les tests unitaires ?" mais "comment gérer la qualité ?".


November 1st and iOS 5 Hasn't Fixed the F*cking 1 On the iPhone's Calendar

See what I mean? Can you see IT? The 1 is off center. Instead of being optically centered, it's geometrically centered. So it just looks wrong. Really, what happened there, Steve? Where did all that love for typography and attention to detail go?

Ça n'a jamais été de l'amour, juste un facteur différentiateur.

I still don't understand - <Glazblog/>


With another hat on: I'm currently on the Aurora branch.. however I can't upgrade to Fx 7 since none of my extensions are supported. As we've moved through the versions, the TLC of extension developers for their projects has disappeared and the time-to-release for their patches has skyrocketed. I've already given up working on add-ons myself because.. well, frankly, I have a life to worry about. Between reviews, bug fixing and keeping up to date I'd lose all my free time to maintaining them.

With yet another hat on: I work in an enterprise and influence decisions regarding browser adoption. I cannot recommend Firefox in any context, where before I most assuredly could (and from a position of strength).

La nouvelle politique de Mozilla : tu ne sais pas ce que tu vas avoir, mais tu sais ce que tu vas perdre. Une bonne gestion à la WHAT TF.


Analyst: iPad Marks ‘Unprecendented Shift’ in Computer Industry | Cult of Mac

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You can access everything iTunes has to offer from the iPad/iPod without a computer (you can even re-download anything you have previously purchased for free).

Incroyable, on peut retélécharger ce qui nous appartient. Mais c'est vrai qu'il est important de le préciser, ça n'a pas toujours été le cas avec iThunes.

Bug 10661 – use an ISO 639-2 specified language for HTML5 documents

i once had a sense of humor -- then i started working on HTML5... regardless of

humor, the natural language definition of the w3c document should be either

"en" or "en-us"


Why @Inject is a bad idea

Recently the JSR for standardizing injection annotations was announced. I think the proposal is going in the wrong direction, and would like to outline why in this post.

Haussons le niveau de Besson - Journal d'un avocat

article3convention: je n'arrive plus a retrouver le billet sur les violences policieres d' est ou?

Eolas: DTC.

Gascogne: "Eolas: DTC." Un doute m'habite...J'ai compris ce que je crois avoir compris ?

Eolas: Dans Ton Cache, pourquoi, qu'aviez-vous compris ?

C'est la fin des zaricots.


SC 101 - drivers linux


La relation avec une entreprise n'est pas basée sur la confiance, mais sur un contrat.

Import depuis DC1 : pas de titre de l'article dans les URL générées

Migration de Dotclear 1 vers Dotclear 2 désormais possible ?

Grails at Linkedin

80+ Software Engineers

Chez LinkedIn, site social 2.0 folksonomé agile qui va bien, ils ont quand même besoin de plus de 80 ingénieurs pour développer et tourner le bouzin. En même temps, ils ont leur customized Spring IoC Internal backend... faire de l'IoC customisé sur une base de Spring, il faut aimer les usines à gaz.


Kiss in the dark » Sur Uranus, les diamants sont dans la merde

Où qu'ils soient, les diamants sont éternels...

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