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Twitter Engineering: Improving performance on

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The first thing that you might notice is that permalink URLs are now simpler: they no longer use the hashbang (#!). While hashbang-style URLs have a handful of limitations, our primary reason for this change is to improve initial page-load performance.

Les rigolos du web.


Thimbl - Free Open Source Distributed Micro-blogging

OK, so what do I need to make this work?

Finger and SSH. Really.

Nice. Ha non, pas besoin de nice(1).


High Scalability - High Scalability - Twitter’s Plan to Analyze 100 Billion Tweets


600 Tweets per second!?


Wow... I'm more than incredibly underwhelmed... I mean I kind of imagined Twitter had all these scalability problems to solve because they had thousands or maybe even hundred thousands of tweets per second.

Heureusement, les places de marché n'ont pas attendu Ruby pour être développées... (hop un lien pour donner un ordre de grandeur (note : mps = messages par seconde)


Twitter Support :: Trouble uploading profile or background images

Twitter is currently tackling some problems with profile images. As of now, people are having trouble with adding new images (they don't upload) or removing images (they don't delete.) Others have seen a sudden shift from their current image to an old image used before.

Depuis deux mois, Twitter a du mal avec l'upload d'images. Une centaine de personnes ayant rencontré le bug se sont manifestées dans les commentaires. Visiblement, c'est difficile à corriger l'upload de fichier en Ruby on Rails.


Seesmic Acquires Popular Twitter AIR Client Twhirl

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Seesmic just opened for public use but I’ve been beta testing it for a while. It is awful. Sinister pony-tail men with lathered European accents dissecting the deep meaning of their abdomen tattoos. Faded grey people mumbling about something less interesting than the Wal-Mart family portraits on the wall behind them.

I ask myself, do I really want to see bloggers?

Twitter nous a amené l'agora de SMS... Seesmic va nous refouler de l'agora de vidéos :-)

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