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How We Build CMS-Free Websites | Development Seed

Except of course Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer, whose irresponsible disregard for web standards and majority market share has both slowed the evolution of the entire web by a matter of years and cost enterprises unimaginably high expenses in maintenance and additionally development for compatibility.

L'article commençait bien, et on tombe sur la marque de la personne enfermée dans ses préjugés.


Commentaires - QuirksBlog: The iPhone obsession

As a matter of fact, IE6 were creating new elements, functions, css properties to fulfill some duties (png transparency, opacity, blinking text). They are proprietary functionalities. Webkit is different: they're following the W3C recommendations and is always up-to-date for free.

Le danger du web reste que la marée de l'ignorance à tendance à engloutir les bancs de connaissance.


Go To Hellman: Google Books Settlement Agreement Panel at New York Public Library

A subsequent discussion about "inserts" revealed that Google had initially been unaware of the complications of the book licensing environment and that the education process led to considerable delay in reaching an agreement.

Google ne connaît que les process et les standards qu'il crée. Demander à Google de faire comme tout le monde demande un long travail d'éducation.

Status - atinject-observer | Google Groupes

Given the extreme openness and small size of our JSR, we believe that the

full blown JCP process is overkill. JSR-330 EG member Roberto Chinnici sent

a very nice letter to the Executive Council (EC) mailing list asking them to

let us skip EDR and jump to Public Review (PR).

C'est marrant comme les mecs de Google ont des problèmes avec les processus d'établissement des standards.


Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Advanced IMAP Controls

From the team that brought you Mail Goggles, here comes...Advanced IMAP Controls, a Labs feature that lets you fine-tune your Gmail IMAP experience. You can choose which labels to sync in IMAP -- useful if you find your mail client choking on a big [Gmail]/All Mail folder.

After enabling this Lab, just go to the Labels tab under Settings. You'll see a new 'Show in IMAP' checkbox next to each of your labels. Uncheck the box and the corresponding folder will disappear from IMAP.

Dans la famille "rien à foutre des standards", donnez-moi Google.

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