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Pre to postmortem: the inside story of the death of Palm and webOS | The Verge

It's easy to look back at Palm's story arc from 1992 to 2012 and feel a sense of loss and sadness — this was a company that pioneered PDAs, popularized smartphones, and developed a revolutionary new platform on limited resources with an extraordinary concentration of industry talent before meeting its demise at the hands of HP.



WristPDA mainboard

C'est quand même mignon un Dragonball SuperVZ.

Reading from a smartphone, the smart way | Monday Note

Why not push the idea a little further? Let’s imagine. I’m a reader of, say, The Guardian, Le Monde or the Norwegian VG. And I want to consume my online paper during my morning commute. My iPhone (or any future similar device) is set to wake up at 7h00 sharp and download my favorite web sites’ latest updates.

Ca s'appelle AvantGo, et on l'utilisait en 2000. Une bonne phrase dans l'article néanmoins :

Anytime/anywhere broadband availability exists only in Google’s imagination.


iPhone Human Interface Guidelines

iPhone, le nouveau Palm :

Only one iPhone application can run at a time, and third-party applications never run in the background. This means that when users switch to another application, answer the phone, or check their email, the application they were using quits.


Palm - Products - Palm® Treo™ 700w Smartphone

Victoire du marketing : un Palm sous OS Microsoft. Les commerciaux écrivent à propos du Tréo 700w : "facilité d'utilisation du Palm, sur Windows Mobile". Au final dans cette longue page, tout ce qui semble être hérité du Palm est : "Palm amène des innovations facile à utiliser dans l'application Windows Mobile Today". Su-per.

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