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Exciting news: FastMail staff purchase the business from Opera | FastMail.FM Weblog

Opera has undergone an internal change of strategic direction and an email service no longer fits within their long term vision.

Ha, ils ont une vision long terme maintenant ?


Visual mouse gestures - Beta testing (including snapshots and previews) - Opera Community

Why can't they just revert the mouse gestures engine to how it was before? It was perfect! Now it's broken, and it seems very likely that it's connected with how the visual UI works. Is holding newbies by the hand (while not in and of itself a bad thing) really more important to Opera than a functional implementation of mouse gestures?

C'est une bonne question.

Quick feedback on Opera 11 - Opera browser - Opera Community

Originally posted by obarthelemy:

My guess is Opera is missing something to account for different mouse settings.

Try reducing the Mouse Gesture Threshold to 1 or 3.

Effectivement, on en revient à un fonctionnement (presque) normal.


Chrome and Firefox 3.5 Memory Usage

Firefox 3.5 used the smallest amount of memory during its peak, it used the smallest amount of memory when all points were averaged, and it used the smallest amount of memory at the end of the experiment after all tabs were closed. Firefox 3.5 continues Firefox 3.0's legacy of being the most memory efficient browser in this style of experiment.

A noter le "in this kind of experiment". Le test en lui-même ne montre pas grand chose, il est biaisé initialement par le fait que Windows gère mal la mémoire dans le sens où il ne maximise pas l'utilisation de la RAM. La seule chose importante est de savoir si la mémoire utilisée est la RAM ou la mémoire virtuelle (ie. un bête fichier). Tant qu'on reste dans la RAM, il n'y a pas de problème, et de ce point de vue là, une utilisation par Chrome de 1Go de mémoire sur les 4Go de mémoire physique (configuration du test) n'est pas forcément négatif au niveau des performances. De même, si la faible consommation de mémoire de Firefox est due à un nettoyage aggressif des structures de données temporaires, ça peut être pénalisant en vitesse. Mais étant donné que ce test ne regarde que la mémoire (espace) et pas la vitesse (temps), les conclusions ne peuvent être que très limitées. La remarque sur IE8 ne fait pas très sérieux...


Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion - View Single Post - Pages don't load in Opera

problem is solved - it seems every one of you had some rights as the problem was lying in the profile - but Silas Awaketh was indeed right. I found it the hard way unfortunately, the urlfilter.ini file in profile directory contained '*' entry in [Exclude] section -> basically that could be seen in Tools - Advanced - Blocked Content and deleted from there as well.

Comment avoir son navigateur à genoux sans avoir aucune idée de ce qui se passe.

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